My Books

Dear Mom, Dear Daughter

Dear Mom, Dear Daughter is a joint journal for mothers and their daughters to use as the main or an additional communication tool. With this journal, different schedules won't get in the way of sharing how feelings are showing up daily. This journal is interactive and will help mom and daughter bond before there’s an entry written. How is that? There are very specific rules of engagement with this journal and that starts with a super cool mood tracker. This journal has over 150 lined pages for journal entries that have a positive affirmation box and daily heart tracker. Before you read the page, you will already know the feeling of the heart. Super cool, right? As if this isn't awesome enough, the journal also has other cool aspects. Are you thinking of ways to bond with your teen? This journal has a list of bonding activities. Are you concerned about your daughter's life and find it hard to start a tough conversation? This journal has tough conversation starters to make those conversations easier. Are you thinking of a simple way to learn about what your teen is interested in or experiencing? This journal has a list of over 75 movies and shows to watch and they are separated topically. As a teen therapist, Jaynay understands the importance of open communication in families and wants to make sure we do not ignore the power of communication through writing. Use this journal daily for optimal results.

Dear Teen Self

Dear Teen Self is an interactive book for adolescent girls to explore stories while identifying ways to avoid those situations, help with coping healthily and learning what has prompted them to make certain decisions. The author candidly discusses scenarios that she experienced as a teenager while exploring the reasons why she made certain choices. This book has 30 journal pages, a word bank, and multiple activities that go with the tips written. This book covers topics such as, teen depression, various types of abuse, friendship stress, and many more topics that are difficult for a teenage girl to deal with. Along with these components, Dear Teen Self also has motivational content to inspire teenage girls to exercise an optimistic perspective. As a teen therapist, Jaynay understands how valuable self-reflection and having a judgment-free space to share thoughts build self-esteem. Give your teen this tool as space to safely express their feelings and thoughts.

My Dear Teen Self Journal

My Dear Teen Self journal is a colorful guided journal to help teenage girls explore their feelings and social scenarios. This journal is an extension of the original Dear teen self-book equipped with over 65 journal prompts, social vignettes, activities and blank journal pages. This guided journal will assist teenage girls with resolving conflict appropriately, clarify feelings and thoughts, coping skills, and processing their feelings. The author carefully constructed the questions based on her experience as a teen therapist. This journal explores issues such as forgiveness, various types of abuse, friendship issues, future goals, bullying and much more. The social vignettes are scenarios with which Jaynay asks the teens to explore what they could do in that particular situation. Along with these components, my Dear Teen Self journal also has motivational content to inspire girls to never give up along their journey. Give your teen this tool as space to safely express their feelings and scenarios.